Friday, June 26, 2009

Joy in Transition

On the Job

Thursday evening, I received an interesting phone call. I learned that I got fired. With 6 more weeks on my contract, they preferred that I did not come in any longer. Today is my last day. This is more than a little humbling to say the least. If I felt the reasons behind this firing were legitimate, I could walk away without anger, though my pride would surely be hurt. However, I was told, "It just wasn't working out with me here." Basically, my direct supervisor and I have a serious personality conflict. Never before have I been treated as if I was incompetent and unable to preform the duties on my job. Never before have I been micro-managed to this extent. However, there is a first time for everything.


There are a couple of things that employees are entitled too on their job. In my position, many of these things were overlooked. Below are the lessons I learned over the last 5 months.

1) Employees should receive training for their position. They should not have to figure the job out on their own. A lack of training leads to serious miscommunication about job details and performance expectations.

2) Employees should have a desk to sit at, especially when the job is administrative in nature. Having a new employee sit in a chair for 4 days while IT sets up their computer and the business 'finds space' for you is completely ridiculous. Actions like this tell employees that they are not valued right from the beginning. This should not happen.

3) Employees should be treated with respect by their supervisors. Often, being treated like you are not competent enough to complete your tasks diminishes employee's value as a person. This also could cause an employee to resent their supervisor, rather than respect them. This is not good for business. People often rise to the standards you set for them. Set high standards, encourage people to do better, and reward success.

4) Employees should be allowed to finish the job they start. If a supervisor continues to micromanage and never lets an employee complete a project, the employee never has a chance to shine. Further, the employee has no incentive to finish if they know their boss is going to take the task from them at the end of the day. Supervisors should delegate and then get out of the way.

5) Employees have a right to feedback concerning their performance. If there is something that can be done better, they ought to know about it.

OK. That concludes my venting session.

Where to go from here?

Well, as Hillsong says, "My God is a God who provides." I had a job interview yesterday. I pray that it went well. I was told I was a perfect fit for the position, so now I wait for the details to be worked out. If all goes well, I will be switching contracts and would be able to start work next week. That is ideal.

However, even if this does not happen "My God is STILL a God who provides." I will start working on papers that I want to write while I pursue my PhD. I need to write anyways, as it will impact the job I get when I finish my PhD. It is all about conferences and publications now. So, whether I turn to the left or the right here, the Lord works all things out for the good.

Heart-felt Thoughts

It is hard for me to understand all of this. I don't understand the reason for this. But like in all things I do not understand, I still believe that God is a good God. I know that He has plans for me. I know that the direction I am moving is more important than where I am standing. In six weeks, I'll start working on my PhD. That is the direction I am moving. So in between now and then, all I can say is, "Lord this life is yours and my hope, is rising. You are glorious." - Hillsong.

Our First Year of Marriage

People say that the first year of marriage is very difficult. For Mikhail and I, this is no exception. However, this is not because of internal circumstance, but external ones. This seems to be the story of our lives. Par for the course, if you will. Since January, we have changed jobs a total of five times, Mikhail twice and me three times now. We learned how to stick to a budget that some would consider impossible. We learned to live simply. We were showered with blessing. We got married, helped pay for the wedding, and saved so well, we got our apartment too. We learned to handle our families in the transition of marriage & we became one flesh. We have been challenged with health issues on a regular basis for the past two months, all of which affect & concern me. The car's brakes need repair. All of this may be difficult, but we are well taken care of. We lack no good thing. Praise the Lord for that.

As I look back upon this year, I know that the Lord blessed us with all of our jobs, our apartment, helping pay for the wedding, furniture, mini-trips to visit friends, good friend in DC, a wonderful church here, a marriage mentor couple whose personalities each mirror ours, and a whole host of other things. In the midst of this, we are learning to communicate. We are learning to listen to each other. We are learning to love each other better. Our care for one another is redemptive and I can see Christ working in us. We're growing. So, as I look back on this year and all we experienced, it was worth it. We are who we are today because of what we experienced and the trails the Lord helped us overcome.

Our lives continue to play out just like the Lord promised when He said, "No weapon formed against you shall prosper" and "I will not leave you or forsake you, especially in your hour of need." Truly, we lack no good thing. Our perspective continues to be challenged regarding what is important in this life. This can only be a good thing!

* This is my prayer in the fire, in weakness, trial or pain: There is a faith proved in more worth than gold, so refine me Lord through the flame. *
-Hillsong United

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Carrabrown said...


You have always displayed a beautiful spirit that has guided you through good and bad times- and now will be no different. I will add you and your husband to my prayer list.

Hang in there Gina Beana!!!