Thursday, July 16, 2009

~ Living Now ~

Updates & More

Well, life has settled down a lot here in Virginia. My health issues have passed, I am adjusting to the culture of my new town, Mikhail and I continue to learn more about one another daily, and we are growing as a couple! 

Since getting fired and then turning down a new position, life has been quiet. Beautiful is more like it. The extra time I've gained from not having to run out the door is priceless. Mikhail and I soak up every minute of it. We make breakfast together most mornings, we sleep in, and we read the bible together. When he leaves, I prepare for my upcoming PhD experience ;) I do a lot of reading, mostly course texts that I did not really delve into during my graduate program. I am re-learning theories and brushing up on what I know about the Communication field! It is nice. I already like my new schedule!


One feeling I cannot shake is the desire for a good girl friend to pal around with ;) I miss my good friends from Orlando. It is so strange not to be able to just drop by their homes when I would like to. I can call them on the phone, but it is not the same. I hope to make a good friend in my PhD program, someone in my cohort that I can share life with for a few years. I would really like that. 

On The Road Again

This summer, Mikhail and I traveled a lot! We went to PA to visit my grandmother, we went to Virginia Beach to visit Ali and Will, we went to Old Town Alexandria, we participated in the movie festival over at Rosslyn on Friday nights, we went to Richmond on a company trip to King's Dominion with Mikhail's work, we visited his mom in NY over July 4th weekend, and we went to Maryland for the Hillsong United Concert. We've been busy! This weekend, we travel to MN for Johnny's wedding! We are so excited! Two weeks later, I go to New York to help Mikhail's mom do some things around the house. We are busy travelers! I look forward to some time off though, I want to cuddle on the couch, take long walks, and relax!

That is all for now ~ I have to get back to reading, my husband will be home soon! 

Love, Gina 

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