Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthdays, Weddings, and a PhD Program!

Mikhail Turned 23~

We celebrated with a little sparkling peach juice and some cake. Then of course, their were the hundreds of presents I purchased my husband!

All and all, I would say he had a great birthday. We kicked off the celebration with a vacation to MN to celebrate the marriage of John & Nikole! So much fun! I will get to that later. Then we returned for more birthday week activities. We concluded the week with the ever so famous, A.C. Milan vs Chelsea soccer game in Baltimore.

John and Nikole's wedding was awesome. So beautiful. We loved being there.

Since returning home, we've been busy getting our apartment all decorated. we've since added some color to the place, some reds and browns. We're excited to see it come together.

August Arrives!

With the arrival of August came many changes to our schedules. Mikhail is pursuing a position with a non=profit, while I enjoy my time as a pre-PhD student. Currently, I started working on a chapter from my graduate thesis for publication. It is hard work, but fun. I must be insane. Still, in a few weeks, I will be a professor embarking on the long road to my doctorate. August brings change and much excitement about our future.

Enjoy the pictures!